Thuy and Tea [no mud no lotus]

Thuy and Tea [no mud no lotus] by Shaun

Thich Nhat Hahn passed on today, January 22, 2022. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m happy for him, although I will also miss him. It is his Parinirvana, his final and perfect liberation. I feel deeply at peace right now. I often imagine the conflicts and hurt feelings I have with many people. But since Thich passed, I feel that the best way to free myself from that unnecessary pain is to completely release those painful internal images. Because it’s not ‘them’ anyway—it’s me. So I’m releasing my own inner pain. 

I have been inspired by Thuy’s example of engaged Buddhism for many years, decades before I became a Buddhist. Since Thuy passed, I am more committed to peace than ever.

When the engaged Mahayana transcends the world, she/he/they take the whole world with them.

I can feel his spirit filling the entire world. 

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