Anatta: Don’t Take Anything Personally

I've discovered a new bit of dharma today. To practice Anatta or Non-Self—don't take anything personally. That's practicing non-self in a really pragmatic way. Don't take anything personally, not anything that comes from within your own mind, or anything directed at you from another person, or any circumstances in your life. Don't take anything personally. … Continue reading Anatta: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Scary Jim Carrey’s ‘Big Woke’

When I blithely subtitled my new blog, 'Navigating the Dharma Apocalypse', it was meant as a flippant joke. But it does have serious side effects. Today I'm introducing a new Dharma Nerd, this time from the Yoga-NonDualist tradition—Matthew Remski—who looks critically at Jim Carrey's 'Big Woke' and how audiences are reacting to it. Check out … Continue reading Scary Jim Carrey’s ‘Big Woke’

Loch Kelly: Awareness is Everything

Since I started diving into Culadasa's text, The Mind Illuminated, I've begun to understand the difference between awareness and attention. Indeed TMI is all about the science of distinguishing these two modes of consciousness, how we experience each state and how they work together. But something in Culadasa's work rang a bell—I had heard this before, … Continue reading Loch Kelly: Awareness is Everything

Culadasa: Bullet Train to The Big One

I've been digging into Culadasa's book, The Mind Illuminated, (2015, Hay House), and his video presentations. I have also been trying out his methods. The most outstanding feature, and what I believe is the core of his method, is that there are two modes of conscious perception: focus (concentration) and peripheral awareness, which I call 'field' … Continue reading Culadasa: Bullet Train to The Big One

Culadasa: The Map and the Territory

 The Mind Illuminated, by Culadasa (2015, Hay House). I got the book from Alibris, new for $17. It's a huge book, as one would expect as it is a systematic compilation of  Culadasa's life-long study of meditation and neuroscience. It's dense but extremely well orgniazed, very readable, with lots of nice illustrations, graphs and charts. I … Continue reading Culadasa: The Map and the Territory

Buddhadasa: D.O. and Self

Buddhadasa's main teaching, as presented in Santikaro's book, Under the Bodhi Tree, is that Dependent Origination is a teaching on how self arises, how self is generated over and over again, through the chain of reactions as described in Dependent Origination. I have understood Dependent Origination in two ways. The first is that Dependent Origination is the way the … Continue reading Buddhadasa: D.O. and Self