What Is Dharmaecology?

Dharmaecology is an interweaving of dharma themes from the Buddhist Naturalist tradition and ecology, which I define as natural systems theory. Dharmaecology indicates a strong focus on ecology and climate justice, dharma naturalism, and a systems ecology approach to dharma theory and practice. It’s about connectedness, networks and integration, social, biological and cosmic. What I seek … Continue reading What Is Dharmaecology?

Spinoza’s Ethics

Spinoza's revolutionary Ethics is succinctly presented in this 8 minute video. Spinoza's ethics is derived from his total deconstruction of religion, its gods and scriptures, its beliefs and practices, its role in society and meaning for individuals. Yet in the end, Spinoza affirms the importance of religion for the individual and society, however that is … Continue reading Spinoza’s Ethics

Crosby: Esoteric Theravada

UPDATE on Tantric/Esoteric Theravada: January 1, 2021: Prof. Kate Crosby has published her groundbreaking work, Esoteric Theravada, (Dec. 2020, Shambhala Press, trade paper, $24) which is a detailed history of "tantric" or esoteric practices in the Theravada tradition. This is the culmination of her doctoral and post-doctoral work, field study, study of original documents of esoteric … Continue reading Crosby: Esoteric Theravada

Buddhafield Meditation: a Poetic Naturalist Practice

Buddhafield Meditation: a Poetic Naturalist Practice I’m working out a Buddhafield meditation, based on emergence, systems theory, quantum field theory and some Mahayana sutras; imagining one’s being as part of the primary wave function of the universe, the implicate and explicate order The basic theory is that the entire universe can be understood as a … Continue reading Buddhafield Meditation: a Poetic Naturalist Practice

Ditching the Raft Pt. ??

I’m ok with letting go of Buddhist cosmology as an explanation of the world, except in the broadest sense: everything is connected and interdependent. I find current cosmology—astrophysics, quantum phyiscis, systems theory and ecology—to be much more robust and relevant to our world. I’m ok with interpreting Buddhist cosmology as ‘myth’, or as ‘ancient cosmological … Continue reading Ditching the Raft Pt. ??

Buddhist Ethics

The threshold ethical issue is to realize that we are in fact, responsible. Contemporary Buddhism has covered the gamut in terms of issues affecting human life: psychology, cosmology, philosophy, phenomenology, neuroscience, meditation and other practices of personal development, ritual, myth, mysticism, wisdom literature, and at least the rudiments (though inadequate) of community. The one area … Continue reading Buddhist Ethics