What Is Dharmaecology?

Dharmaecology is an interweaving of dharma themes from the Buddhist tradition and ecology, which I define as natural systems theory. Dharmaecology indicates a strong focus on ecology and climate justice, dharma naturalism, and a systems ecology approach to dharma theory and practice. It’s about connectedness, networks and integration. It is neither 'religious' nor 'spiritual', and operates … Continue reading What Is Dharmaecology?

The Buddhism of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

"You awakened me to be myself; for that I thank you." (B.R. Ambedkar). What kind of Buddhism did Dr. B. R. Ambedkar practice? This is a question that has puzzled me ever since I turned on to Babasaheb back in 2015. I have read his life story, watched film biographies, read several of his books, … Continue reading The Buddhism of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Post-Humanism: Another Stab at Anatman

https://youtu.be/GmJLsfUnGjY This explanation of post-humanism claims that Nietzsche was the first post-humanist, I disagreed with that claim: I claim that the Buddha (Siddhartha Gotama) was the first post-humanist. Nietzsche's claim that there is no special reason or purpose for the existence of human beings is very like what the Buddha said about 'non-self' (anatman). 'Self' … Continue reading Post-Humanism: Another Stab at Anatman