Mandala of Sacred Activism

In one of the very first pieces I wrote for Engage!, "Outcastes as Activists: A Tantric Approach to Engaged Buddhism", I introduced the idea of activism from a tantric perspective. I am now going forward with a more fully developed model, by constructing a Mandala of Sacred Activism. The Mandala is a model of Systems … Continue reading Mandala of Sacred Activism


Calling All Nerds

Dharma Nerds aims to be a hub for intellectual and creative exploration of dharma themes in Buddhism and related Engaged Contemplative traditions. I welcome submission of your articles, photos, film and other visual art, poetry, creative writing and sound explorations. I love articles on modern and post-modern dharma scholarship, but also heterodox and counter-cultural explorations … Continue reading Calling All Nerds


This is another thought experiment, based on what I've studied about Buddhism so far, particularly the Early Buddhism of the Pali Canon. So here goes... What did the Buddha promise to practitioners as a result of their practice and understanding of the Dhamma? Well, first lets reflect on what many Westerners believe he promised: that the … Continue reading Nibbana