What Is Dharmaecology?

Dharmaecology is an interweaving of dharma themes from the Buddhist Naturalist tradition and ecology, which I define as natural systems theory. Dharmaecology indicates a strong focus on ecology and climate justice, dharma naturalism, and a systems ecology approach to dharma theory and practice. It’s about connectedness, networks and integration, social, biological and cosmic. What I seek … Continue reading What Is Dharmaecology?

Buddha Mods

Buddha Mods: I'm using COBRA Modification/Situationist Détournement to modernize stock images of the Buddha, of which there are untold millions that all look the same. I mean no disrespect; I am a devout Buddhist. It's more about updating and post-modernizing the Buddha image so that it becomes more relatable to me, and maybe some others.

Buddhism as Non-Linear Philosophy

I've begun to treat Buddhist dharma, including all Buddhist scriptures and practices, as non-linear philosophy. Buddhist dharma is not based solely on linear logic, although it contains logic. It doesn't proceed like [linear] systematic philosophy, or [linear] systematic theology [Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica], from premises to thesis to antithesis to synthesis. It is non-linear philosophy … Continue reading Buddhism as Non-Linear Philosophy

Kingsnorth: On Being Human in the Technosphere

To continue the exploration of how climate change changes us, I suggest that you listen to Paul Kingsnorth discuss the transformation of human nature in a global technological society. Kingsnorth talks in depth about the way Capitalism reduces everything to material factors and the market. Might our transition out of a system that is destroying … Continue reading Kingsnorth: On Being Human in the Technosphere