The Dharma Realm is Ready

Buddhist, Yoga, Dharma friends: the Mastodon Instance Dharma Realm is ready! Invite: Dharma Realm is hosted at Dharma Realm is a Mastodon Instance for Buddhism, Dharma, Yoga, Advaita, and related spiritualities (Secular Buddhism, Naturalism, Tao, etc).I'm looking for a hosting partner to help moderate the site. If you're interested in working on this project, please … Continue reading The Dharma Realm is Ready


Calling All Nerds

Dharma Nerds aims to be a hub for intellectual and creative exploration of dharma themes in Buddhism and related Engaged Contemplative traditions. I welcome submission of your articles, photos, film and other visual art, poetry, creative writing and sound explorations. I love articles on modern and post-modern dharma scholarship, but also heterodox and counter-cultural explorations … Continue reading Calling All Nerds

What If?

What if reality is extremely deep and chaotic? What if what we know about the material world barely scratches the surface of what reality is? What if reality is a continuous and chaotic unfolding of the infinitely diverse, and that what we see and touch is only the encrusted outer layer of reality? What if … Continue reading What If?

Buddhist Futures: The Black Hole of Post-Capitalism

What happens after Capitalism? What is life like? Now that Capitalism has captured and colonized, appropriated (stolen), marketed and sold back to us every facet of our own lives, our relationships, needs, desires, cultures, even our ‘spiritualities’, what is left to us when Capitalism dies? As Joe Brewer wrote, "the pain you feel is Capitalism dying." … Continue reading Buddhist Futures: The Black Hole of Post-Capitalism

Radical Mindfulness as Critical Consciousness

I am reading Graham Jones book: the Shock Doctrine of the Left, and will have him on the Engage! podcast to discuss the London Radical Mindfulness project very soon. A new definition of Mindfulness: the opposite of ‘mindlessness’. Mindfulness is the development of a critical consciousness that is deployed to critique and deconstruct the social … Continue reading Radical Mindfulness as Critical Consciousness