Calling All Nerds

Dharma Nerds aims to be a hub for intellectual and creative exploration of dharma themes in Buddhism and related Engaged Contemplative traditions. I welcome submission of your articles, photos, film and other visual art, poetry, creative writing and sound explorations. I love articles on modern and post-modern dharma scholarship, but also heterodox and counter-cultural explorations … Continue reading Calling All Nerds


Josh Korda: Bullying and Trauma

In my last post on 'Non-Self as Liberation', I related how I experienced painful thoughts as visual fragments of memories. In this teaching by Josh Korda, Josh explains that trauma experiences are stored as fragments in the right amygdala. He explains the whole process of how trauma is processed and stored by the brain, and all … Continue reading Josh Korda: Bullying and Trauma

Review of The Bodhisattva’s Brain

Book Review Of Owen Flanagan’s “The Bodhisattva’s Brain: Buddhism Naturalized” OCTOBER 30, 2011 BY SETH ZUIHO SEGALL, reblogged from the Existential Buddhist. Owen Flanagan [1], is my favorite living analytical philosopher because he writes clearly, deals with topics (theory of mind, ethics, what it means to live well) that I actually care about, is what smart … Continue reading Review of The Bodhisattva’s Brain