Calling All Nerds

Dharma Nerds aims to be a hub for intellectual and creative exploration of dharma themes in Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita and related traditions. I welcome submission of your articles, photos, film and other visual art, poetry, creative writing and sound explorations. I love articles on modern and post-modern dharma scholarship, but also heterodox and counter-cultural explorations … Continue reading Calling All Nerds


Theravada v. Vajrayana Practices

Arousal vs. Relaxation: A Comparison of the Neurophysiological and Cognitive Correlates of Vajrayana and Theravada Meditative Practices Ido Amihai, Maria Kozhevnikov Published: July 22, 2014 Abstract Based on evidence of parasympathetic activation, early studies defined meditation as a relaxation response. Later research attempted to categorize meditation as either involving focused or distributed attentional systems. Neither … Continue reading Theravada v. Vajrayana Practices

Post- Buddhism: DIY Tantra

Matthew O'Connell at Post-Traditional Buddhism has a new interview with Ken McLeod, a 40-year practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen in particular. McLeod is the author of A Trackless Path, an exploration of Dzogchen practice through an interpretation of a traditional Tibetan sacred poem. My take on what Post-Traditional Buddhism is trying to do, as is Ken … Continue reading Post- Buddhism: DIY Tantra

On Meditation: Try Less Harder

Michael Taft of Deconstructing Yourself interviews Dr. Judson Brewer on his brain studies of the neurological correlates of awakening; the cycle of addiction and how to break it. I was blown away by Dr. Brewer's research.   Dear [Meditation Instructor]: Yesterday I listened to the interview with Dr. Judson Brewer on the brain science … Continue reading On Meditation: Try Less Harder

This is Your Brain on Vipassana

Different Types Of Meditation Change Different Areas Of The Brain, Study Finds There’s been a lot of discussion about what kinds of mental activities are actually capable of changing the brain. Some promises of bolstered IQ and enhanced brain function via specially-designed "brain games" have fizzled out. Meanwhile, meditation and mindfulness training have accumulated some impressive … Continue reading This is Your Brain on Vipassana