Buddhist Modernism Disputed

Here's a couple of interesting posts by a blogger Amod Lele in loveofallwisdom.com, July 14 2009 and Jan. 22, 2017 These two articles contain a summation (in bold) of all the elements that I would call (without hesitation) Buddhist Modernism. The first article (2009) is a description of what the author calls Yavanayāna, or 'Greek' Buddhism, referring to … Continue reading Buddhist Modernism Disputed


Ten Years is Enough

My New Year's Resolution: to end any involvement with Buddhist organizations of any kind that no longer serve me. This year, 2019 marks ten years that I have been exploring and learning from Buddhism. For ten years, I walked through the Buddhist amusement park, saw all the exhibits and rode all the rides. Everywhere I … Continue reading Ten Years is Enough

Self as a Neurological Afterthought

In meditation and in the general awakened state, I try to practice awareness more so than concentration, partly because the awareness process doesn’t have a strong sense of self.  The confusion is conflating ‘thought process’ with ‘self’—I think therefore I am.  Thoughts are just thoughts—they are not the self. Awareness is not the self either. It’s … Continue reading Self as a Neurological Afterthought