Bangkok’s Biennale Art Festival

I had thought of the lack of material culture in Buddhism, compared with other religions, as a 'lack'. Buddhist music, dance and visual art, what there is of it, is pretty meager. But now I see it as an opportunity, a wide open space to create whatever we want, contemporary, radical art, even the avant … Continue reading Bangkok’s Biennale Art Festival


Rational Individual vs. Cosmic Connection

Here's a fragment of a Reddit discussion at r/buddhism: The European Enlightenment produced the Rational Individual, which was definitely an improvement over the instinctual, irrational, tribal, and magical (including magical beliefs in God) European. But it's only one stage of human development, and an early one at that. It's just post-adolescence, the first stage of … Continue reading Rational Individual vs. Cosmic Connection

Buddhism: Perfect or Imperfect?

Definitely Listen to Matt's interview with Richard K. Payne, one of the Buddhist scholars that I admire most. And this is my response to the interview Perfect, True Buddhism is not: Modernist Post-Modernist Romanticized Westernized Perennial New Agey a Cult a Guru Scam Exploitative Indifferent Hierarchal Self-serving Secular Religious Scientistic Meditation Not Meditation Scriptural … Continue reading Buddhism: Perfect or Imperfect?