I had my second class with Worcester Art Museum “How to turn a drawing into a painting.” The first class focused on line. This class focused on color. And it worked! I really enjoyed using color for it’s own sake. 
Here’s my two best pictures from that class: https://ello.co/shaunbartone/post/ehvesukqq-8sez0gyojlvg

Worcester Art Museum Color turn - shaunbartone | ello

I used Cra-pas, $5 for a set of 24 colours. Totally liberating. There’s a set of 12 jumbo size for “kids”, and I’m getting those next. This class is working. I’m finally opening up to enjoy color for its own sake.

This study involved using a common object, even one that’s a bit ‘boring’, and using that as a tool for composition. Simply a way to use a shape that configures the space. I used my new eyeglasses that I had just gotten; I was so happy with them. Then we had to use color on all the negative spaces around (and inside) the object. Then we had to use an eraser to smudge things together. It was a total blast–I love smudging. Next week, we’re going into acrylic paint.

This was the first exercise we did in color class. We wrote our names across the page (I use 18 X 24 newsprint) and then colored all around the negative spaces; then use an eraser to smudge things. In my case, since I made block letters, there were ‘negative spaces’ inside the letters too. I just cut loose and did anything I wanted. It was so much fun. It got me over this notion that “Shaun doesn’t know how to use color.”

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