Welcome to the Multi-Verse

Here’s another thing I’ve learned today as I continue to deconstruct my own thinking. There is no singular, ultimate reality. There is a ‘reality’ of some kind, but it’s not a singular reality. It’s a multi-verse, a reality of realities, each one created and experienced by individuals and collectives. I can experience some facets of … Continue reading Welcome to the Multi-Verse


Post-Buddhism: No Grand Narrative

One Non-Buddhist writer (I can't remember who) described the Buddha as "a pre-modern post-modernist." Buddha's method of inquiry was one of relentless deconstruction. His teachings deconstruct experience, physical and mental phenomena, religious doctrine, philosophical propositions, making the Buddha a consummate post-modernist. One of the key features of post-modernism is the assertion that there is no grand narrative that is the authoritative interpretation … Continue reading Post-Buddhism: No Grand Narrative