Ann Gleig: American Dharma

Ann Gleig, Professor of Religion and Culture in the Dept. of Philosophy at University of Central Florida, just published her book, American Dharma: Buddhism Beyond Modernity, (Yale press, Feb. 2019). Matthew O'Connell interviews Ann about her book at his Imperfect Buddha Podcast. Gleig's interview is lively and brilliant, covering the topics in her book on post-modern Buddhism … Continue reading Ann Gleig: American Dharma


Mark Hollis: Spirit of Eden

Mark Hollis, creator of 'Spirit of Eden', passed away at 64 y,o. 'Spirit of Eden' is of the most beautiful albums ever recorded. 'Spirit of Eden' is profoundly spiritual, taking the listener into a musical experience of the deep mystery and beauty of nature. One thing we should ask ourselves about awakening: does it … Continue reading Mark Hollis: Spirit of Eden