I realize now the only reason I don’t leave Buddhism altogether is because I don’t know where to go next…at least Buddhism is familiar.

After ten years of study and practice, I realize there isn’t much more to learn, in the academic sense. Every once in a while I come across something that piques my interest. But the fact is I’ve internalized everything I’ve studied so far and there’s not much more to acquire.

Before I ditch the raft, I have to get to the other shore. The other shore is the further expansion of my consciousness beyond Buddhism.

Buddhists call it Shunyata. Krishnamurti called it ‘Freedom from the Known’. An English monk of the 14th century called it The Cloud of Unknowing. (The author is unknown.)

When you first begin this path, you find only darkness, and as it were a cloud of unknowing … Reconcile yourself to wait in the darkness as long as is necessary, but still go on longing after [that] whom you love. For if you are to feel [it] or see [it] in the life, it must always be in this cloud, in this darkness

Into the Cloud of Unknowing, I softly tread.


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