I’m starting to wonder if this ‘enlightenment’ thing isn’t some huge and stupendous out-of-body experience that radically transforms your perceptions and turns you into a Phantom Arhat. What if enlightenment is really something small—not quite the ordinary humdrum, something more than that—but a series of small experiences that pop up in your daily life that make you aware that you’ve changed, that you see yourself and the world in a different way? What if there are lots of enlightened people out there but they just don’t know it because it’s just this side of ‘ordinary’ and they totally miss it?

Things I’m recently grateful for:

  1. Meditating any way that I feel like, using any method I see fit, without having to meet any set standards or goals.
  2. Getting out of the retreat loop and living my practice in my ordinary urban life.
  3. Joining the Spiritual Naturalists Society with the hopes of meeting other people interested in Buddhist Naturalism, however they define it.
  4. Learning Chod practice with Lama Tsultrim Allione, doing tantric ritual that’s ethical and meaningful in contemporary life.
  5. Going out to the Farm to celebrate Winter Solstice with my best friend Vance.
  6. Committing my activist practice to the Climate Emergency and #Extinction Rebellion.
  7. Getting out of institutional Buddhism altogether.
  8. Doing it natural. Being free.
  9. Trying to figure out what the hell Acid Communism is.

And what if the revolution is this always-already yet not-quite realized dimension of life that is happening right now and all you have to do is tap in and become aware of it. Listening to a collection of spiritual jazz recordings from the late 60s I feel like I’m already there. There is no overthrowing the state, no blood to be shed, but the revolution is already happening in the present moment. And all I have to do is create and enjoy it. John Holloway said as much in Crack Capitalism and so did Fukuoka in The One Straw Revolution, and so did Mark Fisher in Acid Communism. Revolution is life in an alternate dimension. I believe the Buddha said something like that. Or at least that’s what he meant.


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