Here’s another thing I’ve learned today as I continue to deconstruct my own thinking. There is no singular, ultimate reality. There is a ‘reality’ of some kind, but it’s not a singular reality. It’s a multi-verse, a reality of realities, each one created and experienced by individuals and collectives. I can experience some facets of your realities, and you can experience some facets of mine. But neither of us can perceive a totality, or one ultimate reality, because there is none. There are only the realities that we construct from our partial perceptions and partial conceptions. We often berate ourselves because we can’t accurately perceive ‘reality.’ Why can’t I accurately perceive reality? Because no one can. We can develop better perceptions of the multi-verse (as in multiple realities). We can develop perceptions that are more helpful and skillful. But there is no one, singular, ultimate reality out there that we should be able to perceive. It doesn’t exist. There is no ultimate or absolute reality either, not even in the ‘Buddhist’ sense. So there’s no point in trying to come up with some philosophical ‘truths’ or Buddhist ‘truths’ about ultimate reality. We can grasp some truths about our experience of the world, and some truths about how we construct the multi-verse. But there is no ultimate ‘truth’ to be perceived. There is no point at which you are so enlightened that you obtain a perfect view of some deep ultimate reality. The best way to perceive some deep ultimate reality is to realize that there isn’t one. So stop beating yourself up because you can’t perceive it. Accept the multi-verse and learn to swim through it.


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