In one of the very first pieces I wrote for Engage!, “Outcastes as Activists: A Tantric Approach to Engaged Buddhism“, I introduced the idea of activism from a tantric perspective. I am now going forward with a more fully developed model, by constructing a Mandala of Sacred Activism. The Mandala is a model of Systems Theory. It includes the Panarchy Model of Complex Adaptive Systems (Growth, Conservation, Disintegration, Reorganization), and four modes of activism: Knowledge, Regeneration, Practice, and Opposition. I will explain the Mandala in text form in subsequent blog posts.

Mandala of Sacred Activism.jpg

Mandala of Sacred Activism© graphic image and text is held by Shaun Bartone under a Commons License; you are free to use and distribute with permission from and attribution to the creator, Shaun Bartone.

Go to to download a full-size PDF.


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